Lab Refrigeration Equipment Rentals Are Easy with SAS

Nobody likes downtime due to underperforming or broken equipment, but in the lab, malfunctioning refrigeration equipment can be more than just an inconvenience. That’s why we rent refrigerators and ultra-low freezers (with temperature ranges from 4oC to -150oC) to institutional labs throughout the New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania region.

Ready to get started with a better lab refrigeration equipment rental experience? Just let us know what you need.

When Refrigeration Rental Makes Sense

During Necessary Equipment Repairs

If your equipment needs service that will keep it offline for a period of time, our rental will keep you up and running in the lab.

Special Projects in the Lab

If you have a special project or application requiring temporary refrigeration, SAS can save you the hassle and cost of purchasing a new piece of equipment.

Our expert, EPA-certified refrigeration technicians take care of everything with your rental, including delivery, setup, calibration, and pick-up at the end of the rental period!

Is it Time for New Refrigeration Equipment in the Lab? Buy from Us!

SAS doesn’t just rent refrigeration equipment—we also provide complete sales and service of walk-in environmental chambers and cold rooms. We can receive your new equipment in our full-service shop in Hainesport, NJ, and work with you to deliver, install, calibrate, and provide ongoing maintenance for your refrigeration components—and more!

We also have an extensive inventory of used and refurbished lab refrigeration equipment available. Let us know what we can help you find.

Our Service Area

At Scientific Apparatus Service, Inc., we cover lab equipment repair, maintenance, installation, and calibration projects—and more—within a reasonable driving distance from our full-service office/shop location in Hainesport, NJ. We serve all of New Jersey and Delaware, as well as most of Eastern PA.

Not sure if we travel to your location? Just ask! We strive to provide fast and efficient service throughout the region.

Why Consider a Service Agreement for Your Lab Equipment?

Experienced laboratory techs and other professionals in the life sciences field won’t be surprised to hear us say that even the best lab equipment requires maintenance and even occasional repair. However, many busy lab managers don’t have the time to think about scheduling preventative service as often as it needs to happen.

A lab equipment service agreement with a reputable equipment repair resource like Scientific Apparatus Service takes the guesswork out of caring for your refrigerators, ultra-low freezers, and every other piece of specialized instrumentation and equipment in the lab. At SAS, we can design a preventative maintenance and repair plan that fits your scheduling and budgets. Service agreements are available for most equipment types, and we can cover you for maintenance-only or full parts and service.

Do not wait until your lab refrigeration or other equipment breaks down and you have an emergency on your hands. While we offer convenient equipment rentals to help you avoid downtime—and are here to respond to your needs 24/7—you don’t need to take the risk!

Get more information on our service agreements or give us a call at (609) 265-0808 to discuss your needs.